GTV Plus Sub-Device IPTV APP/APK Download

IPTV Sub-Device Download

IPTV Family Package

An IPTV Plus package subscription is pre-required for the family pack.
Download and watch on a second device.


Sub-Device APP / APK

How to use it?

This Subscription Package is mainly for families. When you have an IPTV Plus version subscription code, you can buy Sub-Device code(s) on the Second/Third Devices for your family!

Note: One code is only for one device

Example on how to link:

Step1 Installed iviewHD Plus APK on Device A(Master), install iviewHD Plus Sub-Device APK on Device B(Sub- Device/Slave)

Step2 Bind Sub-Device B to Device A by inputting subscription active code whichever been used on Device A.

Step3 Fill in ‘Sub-Device Code’ to Device B after Recharged then can watch International Channels & VOD directly.

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